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Shariah Advisory Services


Compliance with Shariah requirements is an essential part of submission to Allah. Every Islamic organisation or muslim businesses must submit to the will of Allah. As such all transactions/activities, financial and non-financial, must conform to the Shariah. Managing Shariah non-compliance risks will not only affect the reputation and bottom-line of businesses and organisations, it will also attract the wrath of Allah here and hereafter. Therefore, it is essential to ensure Shariah compliance to the core. With our finest shariah expertise, we assist in the following areas:

  • Advisory
    • Islamic Fund, wealth or asset management
    • Islamic Private Equity
    • Takaaful
    • Fintech
  • Islamic Banking Products Structuring
  • Islamic Securities: Sukuk Structuring
  • Establishment of Islamic Banks
  • Zakat and Waqf Accounting Software (SPS)
  • Shariah Research and Development
  • Shariah Training and Education
  • Shariah Review
  • Shariah Screening
  • Shariah Internal Audit
  • Shariah External Audit
  • Shariah Risk Management
  • Shariah Legal Documental
  • Shariah Governance and Supervision
  • Shariah Accounting

SALIHIN Shariah Advisory is a registered Shariah Adviser with the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC). As registered Shariah Adviser, we advise on all Shariah-based products and services regulated by the SC and qualified to be appointed as a Shariah adviser. Leveraging on its experienced international and local Shariah advisers as well as drawing on the global knowledge and resources of SALIHIN member firms, SALIHIN Shariah Advisory provides advisory and others services to ensuring Shariah compliance with ease and professionalism.

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Ahmad Zainul Abidin
Executive Director
Shariah Consultant

En. Ahmad has a multitude of managerial, technology and business consulting experience. Previously he served in a few technology companies as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer while at same time being actively involved in technology and business consulting for start-ups and business nurturing for SMEs.


He has a Master Degree in Islamic Finance at International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance  (INCEIF), a Bachelor Degree in Islamic Revealed Knowledge from International Islamic University (IIUM) (Shariah) and a Diploma in Business Studies and Information Technology from Asia-Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT).


He sat in various national level consultancy and round-table technology foresights chaired by Ministry of International Trade & Industry, Science Academy of Malaysia, Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation and Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water.


He has been very instrumentally involved in the development of cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning Systems for Islamic Finance which covers microfinance, infaq, waqf and zakat. Additionally, he also develop Shariah-Compliant systems covering many core fintech engines for banking, e-commerce, marketplace, donation management, payment system, e-verification, big data analytics etc. En. Ahmad is an approved Shariah Officer by the SC under SALIHIN Shariah Advisory.

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