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Our Philosophy


SALIHIN stands out as the only accountancy firm which has uniquely identified Islamic Accountability as its core philosophy. This paramount concept has it that ultimate accountability on all affairs and responsibilities are to Allah. Consequently, SALIHIN distinctively extends beyond the lenses of traditional view to include accountability to stakeholders, community, the environment and ultimately to Allah for all activities.


At SALIHIN, we define the word accounting as part of a much wider concept of accountability. Man has been given a responsibility and he will be accountable for all his actions. If man uses his will and ability for purposes other than those for which he was created for, he will have failed in his responsibility, violated the honor of his duties and missed the purpose of his existence.


Guided by this philosophy, we transcend beyond the conventional definition of accounting and the typical boundaries of conventional management and governance dictates. No stone is left unturned in discharging our responsibilities.

Our Core Values


Our philosophy broadly inspires and guides our core values. Our core values in turn drive the why, the how, and the when of what we do and for whom. SALIHIN is built on a strong culture anchored in a clear set of core values which makes SALIHIN capable of creating experience and making a difference as well as positioning it as a rewarding and inspiring workplace.


Discharging our responsibilities as per our values requires knowledge. And we fathom that knowledge comes with accountability and both must be handled harmoniously in our journey to realise our vision and mission.


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Guided by Iqra (read), our core values begin with an in-depth knowledge of what whatever we do. We cherish and strive for competency, skill, continuous learning and innovation to better serve the dynamism of stakeholders' expectation.



The norm is taken ownership and responsibility of whatever we do. Responsibility comes with accountability.  We approach our duties with a clear mindset that we are answerable to our stakeholders and ultimately to our Creator. We leave no stone unturned. We hold ourselves accountable before we are accounted for.



Multiple perspectives from people with diverse thoughts, expertise, experience and background and are very much appreciated. We continually work to improve our knowledge base while matching responsibility with a proportionate accountability.

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Shafiana Mohamed Salleh
Executive Director
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