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SALIHIN takes a global stage in the development of high quality human capital in Islamic finance. It provides high quality executive and non-executive Islamic finance training programs.The executive training program is subdivided into two, namely, custom and public programs. The custom programs are in-house trainings tailored to meet specific needs of clients or a customised summer holiday training package for foreigners holidaying in Malaysia. The public/non-executive programs are aimed at the general public orginised in the form of monthly workshops, seminars, symposiums or forums. Some of our upcoming programmes are:


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Our training covers wide areas of Islamic Finance including Islamic capital market, Islamic banking, fund/asset//wealth management, takaful, zakat and waqf, Shariah audit, Shariah review, Shariah screening, Fintech, Islamic financial planning, Islamic risk management, Shariah governance, AMLA compliance technology, among others. The training programs are designed for all levels of understanding be it basic, intermediate or advanced. It also comes with refresher courses for the experienced to refresh and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industy. 


SALIHIN has assembled high profile and certified trainers from around the world with diverse expertise and capabilities. Regardless of your training needs and your location, SALIHIN is ready to serve you. If you are unsure of your human capital training needs, SALIHIN, an approved Shariah Advisory provider by the Securities Commission of Malaysia, can offer training needs assessment, practical coaching or on the job training for identified participants. 



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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahcene Lahsasna
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ahcene Lahsasna is one of the renouned experts in Islamic finance, leading SALIHIN Shariah advisory firm. He has vast industry experience acting as Shariah advisor for Islamic capital market, Takaful, Re-Takaful and Islamic banking locally and internationally, involved in approving billion dollars Sukuk deals for corporates and governments. Prof Ahcene Lahsasna actively contributes in the field of wealth management and financial planning, he is a Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and certified Trainer in wealth management and financial planning. With his core practice areas spanning banking, project finance, capital markets, and investment funds, Prof Ahcene Lahsasna is recognized in the leading directories as leading scholars in the Islamic finance field.


Prof Ahcene Lahsasna is a regular participant and has hosted Islamic finance workshops and conferences locally and internationally and have authored articles and books on topical issues in Islamic finance. Prof Ahcene Lahsasna is Certified Professional Trainer at the international level, certified by CIBAFI (General Council for Islamic banks and financial institutions in Bahrain), certified Professional trainer (CPT) by FAA (Finance Accreditation Agency in Malaysia) and MFPC (Malaysian Financial planning Council).

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