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SALIHIN Shariah Advisory


SALIHIN Shariah Advisory is a registered Shariah Adviser with the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) providing Shariah advice on all Shariah-based products and services regulated by the SC.  SALIHIN Shariah Advisory is a group member firm of SALIHIN, the brand under which independent group member firms of SALIHIN International LLP (SALIHIN International) operate and provide professional services.


Leveraging on its experienced international and local Shariah advisers as well as drawing on the global knowledge and resources of SALIHIN group member firms, SALIHIN Shariah Advisory provides advisory and others services in Islamic capital market, Islamic banking, fund management, takaful, Islamic wealth management, zakat and waqf, education and training, Shariah audit/review, Shariah research and publication, fintech, among others.


SALIHIN deploys wide spectrum of capabilities to help clients see and tap opportunities in the areas of transaction and corporate finance, taxation (direct tax and GST), auditing and assurance, Shariah advisory, corporate governance, and business accounting solution. Apart from its strong presence in Malaysia, SALIHIN serves clients all over the world through its alliance with a reputable International Accounting and Audit Network branded as i2an, based in Paris.


SALIHIN member firms’ diverse clients are made up of business entities, public sector (government/agencies), educational institutions and non-profit organizations (NGOs), from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations. Since its founding, SALIHIN has provided clients with unmatched service experience at an extraordinary level without compromising the unique service qualities that make the clients look for us. SALIHIN continues to build on its successes. It became the first in the world to introduce Teaching Accountancy Firm to bridge the gap between accountancy theory and practice. It is also the first to create accounting software for zakat and waqf.


Our successes are credited to a sustained quality service delivery to our clients without compromising our professional integrity. Thanks to Allah.


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Salihin Abang
Founder and Managing Partner

Salihin Abang is the founder and Managing Partner of SALIHIN. He has more than 20 years of experience in auditing and assurance, taxation (direct and GST), shariah auditing and advisory, corporate finance, and business advisory services. His expertise has propelled him to serve and consulted numerous establishments from small and medium to large corporations from various industries and sectors.


His innovative efforts and entrepreneurial acumen won numerous recognitions such as the National Young Entrepreneur and Top 50 SME’s Awards in 2010 and received Young Entrepreneur Award in 2013. His innovation efforts led to the establishment of the well-received Teaching Accountancy Firm. This significant achievement was preceded by his introduction of yet again the world’s first comprehensive accounting software, SALIHIN Premier Solutions (SPS), intelligently designed with zakat and waqf features for ease of fulfilling zakat and waqf charity obligations by Muslim businesses.


Salihin is also actively participating in the activities of various government agencies, universities foundations, and other society-based organizations. He is a member of RISDA Investment Committee, Sarawak Bumiputra Entrepreneur Council (Dewan Usahawan Bumiputra Sarawak, DUBS), Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (DPMM) and a member of the board of trustees of Yayasan Jaznan, Yayasan 1 Suria and Yayasan Damai Sejahtera Malaysia, and Asia Invest Foundation. He is the Treasurer of the International Chamber of Muslim Professionals (ICMP). He is also serving as an industry advisor to various universities on accounting and entrepreneurship curriculum development.


He is a frequent guest speaker for Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) for several RTM’s programmes such as the Biz Malaysia, Selamat Pagi Malaysia (SPM) and Astro Awani on current developments and issues relating to economy, politics, taxation and dialogues on GST. He is also frequently invited either as a panelist, presenter or moderator for issues relating to auditing, accounting, taxation, Islamic accounting, zakat, waqf, Shariah audit, business advisory and GST at national level's conferences and seminars such as the MIA International Accountants Conference, Malaysian Tax Conference, National GST Conference and National Business Zakat Symposium. Salihin is an editor and consultative panel member of MATA for yearly Malaysian Budget book and directly involved in the Association’s committee on Goods and Services Tax (GST) consultation and implementation.


Salihin has published articles in various journals and presented conference papers locally and internationally on issues relating to accounting and taxation tied with Islamic Financial Reporting. He is a columnist for Majalah Usahawan Sukses, a local entrepreneurship magazine, where he writes on tax management issues.

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